Ken Shamrock talks Boxing vs Bare Knuckle on the #WorldsMostDangerousPodcast

In this episode of #WorldMostDangerousPodcast, Ken Shamrock talks about the differences between Boxing and Bare knuckle boxing.

Lets do a quick comparison on both styles. Bare Knuckle Boxing prohibits the use of gloves. The fighters wear hand wraps but only to protect the wrist.

In traditional boxing, the gloves is to protect the boxer’s hand and not the opponent’s head. With that being said, this allows the boxers to throw power punches and not worry about hand injuries.

Ken Shamrock asks a question on his show: “Do you have to have equipment to make you a great fighter? So lets say this, lets say if you take the gloves off Mayweather is he a great fighter a great boxer?”

Listen to the show in the video above to find out Ken's answer and how he breaks down the difference between Bare Knuckle vs Boxing.

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