Ken Shamrock talks about his fight with Bas Rutten on #WorldsMostDangerousMan (E10)

In this episode of #WorldMostDangerousPodcast, Ken Shamrock talks about Bas Rutten vs Ken Shamrock.

Ken talks about their fight, but he digs deeper about the difference between them in regards to fighting experience. Ken puts to rest this theory that people say that “Ken had more experience and if Bas had more fights he would've of done better.”

Let's look back at the results form their two fights:

  1. Ken Shamrock defeats Bas Rutten via Submission (rear-naked choke) Pancrase: Road to the Championship 3 July 26, 1994
  2. Ken Shamrock defeats Bas Rutten via Submission (kneebar) Pancrase: Eyes of Beast 2 March 10, 1995

Listen to the show in the video above to listen to Ken’s story. You don't want to miss this Episode #10 of #WorldMostDangerousPodcast.


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