Update & Clarification on Ken’s Rotator Cuff Injury, Before Kimo Fight

We wanted to update the Ken Shamrock’s rotator cuff injury story from a few days ago. We reached Ken Shamrock tonight as he was arriving at the “TNA Asylum” prior to his July 7 Pay Per View Wrestling return. KenShamrock.com asked him about his rotator cuff injury, and about the possibility of getting injured more while working pro wrestling matches.

Ken Shamrock: I wanted the fans to know the whole story – I injured my arm training few years ago for one of my fights – and I have been nursing it for few years. While training for the Kimo fight, my shoulder continued to bother me. So following my fight with Kimo I decided to go in and have an MRI done to find out what the issues were with my shoulder. I found out that I had a small tear in my labrum and I needed surgery.

On the Rotator Cuff surgery:

Ken Shamrock: They are thinking it will be orthoscopic surgery which will put me down for 1 -2 months of physical therapy. During the procession of my therapy I am going to continue to work my ACL and legs so they are back to 110% – I will immediately start an aggressive therapy program and my doctors anticipate a quick recovery for me.

I also want to add that while I was seeing was the doctor in Reno – he told me that my knee was in great shape following the Kimo fight – with no problems or anything.

Funny story – The doctor walks into the room and asks, ‘What knee did you knock Kimo out with? He goes – Was it was your good knee or your bad knee? Because if it was your bad knee – I’m afraid I might be liable’. (laughs)

Question: Ken, many UFC fans are a bit nervous about your return to pro wrestling, they feel you could injure your rotator cuff more or suffer another career ending injury – that would hinder your return to UFC?

Ken Shamrock: Pro wrestling is something where you can always work around particular injuries. So with that – I am not worried. NWA: TNA is very accommodating – all the guys in the locker room are very respectful and willing to work around my injuries . – I love what I do in UFC. I am planning on wrestling for NWA:TNA on their Wednesday night PPVs until my rotator cuff surgery which will be on August 11 in Reno, Nevada.

Working in TNA – is a lot of fun – It is entertainment – it is just great group of guys and a great product people should check out. I got to bring my 4 boys to the show tonight – it was just a great experience, Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, Road Dogg all of them – it’s great man- my boys love it!

But this doesn’t have anything do with my PASSION – which is my return to the UFC – REAL FIGHTING – when I fight Tito Ortiz – or who ever else UFC wants me to fight – I am going to bring it to another level.

I WILL be at UFC 49: Unfinished Business! I am scheduled to make numerous media appearances for them all over the country to help promote this HUGE Pay Per View event on August 21 when Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort fight in one of the most anticipated rematches in UFC history for the light heavyweight title.

I am also really excited as the Lions Den’s own Vernon White will surprise a lot of people when he faces “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell. MGM Grand – UFC 49: Unfinished Business – Don’t miss it!

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