What does it mean to be Dangerous? #WorldsMostDangerousPodcast

In todays Podcast Episode of “World Most Dangerous Podcast” with your Host, Ken Shamrock a.k.a “The Worlds Most Dangerous Man” talks about “What does it mean to be dangerous?”…

What does it mean to be dangerous?

Ken Shamrock is recognized as an MMA fighter and a professional wrestler and currently signed to IMPACT! Wrestling. He's best known for fighting in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), Pride Fighting Championships, World Wrestling Federation (WWF/WWE), Total Nonstop Wrestling Action and Pancrase. 

Ken talks about how he rightfully earned the title of “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” and talks about his up bringing as a kid and teenager. 

Ken States, “You can not name yourself, you can give yourself a nickname. It doesn't count.” 

He continues, “Like people that you train with, your coaches, event the fans, now those are the people that give you your nicknames.” 

Ken touches on what it actually means to actually be dangerous. In the episode Ken Shamrock reflects back to how he was brought up and some of the things he experienced that was dangerous that lead up to where he's at today. 

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